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1800 watt Heater Timer

With our Willow Way 1800 watt heater timer, you can make time work for you!  Just set the timer and walk away, your Jacketed tank or drum heater will turn on automatically when you want. A great way to have your ingredients ready when you start the work day is to have your jacked tank or drum heater turn on in the early morning hours.

This 1800 watt Heater Timer can be used on the following 110/120 volt jacked tanks:



  • 3 separate programming options can be used: Same settings Monday through Friday, Same settings Saturday and Sunday, Same settings for all 7 days of the week.
  • A total of 7 ON / 7 OFF settings per week. 1 ON / 1 OFF settings per day.
  • Two Timed, Grounded Outlets.
  • Has a protective cover for moisture and dust.


  • 120 Volts, 60 Hz, with 24 inch cord.
  • 15 Amps, can handle up to 1800 watts.
  • One replaceable AA battery (included) maintains your timers programing during power failures. Can keep time up to 3 months.
  • Time of Day display adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Easy hand-held programming.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
Model # Description Price
AC1179 HANDcraft™ Heater Timer 1800 watt $80.00

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Heater Timer 7200 watt

Simply set your 7200 Watt heater timer to have your ingredients ready and waiting for you. Make time work for you while saving energy. 

This 7200 watt Timer can be used with our 220/240 volt Jacketed Tank models:


  • There is no need to keep your Jacketed Tank heater on all night. Saves you energy!
  • Have your ingredients warmed and ready for the start of the work day to Save you time.
  • Very Dependable and super easy to use.
  • Has battery back up: AA battery protects against loss of programming.
  • Up to 6 set points, 6 ON / 6 OFF, can be programmed daily.
  • Scheduling for 5-day work week, weekend scheduling or even individual day schedules.
  • Manual override at any time.
  • LED load indicator.
  • Includes lockable cover that protects against moisture and dust.


  • 120 thru 277 volt input
  • 30 Amps/pole
  • Double pole switching
  • Steel enclosure, lockable cover.
  • 3 year user replaceable battery back up
Model # Description Price
AC1177 HANDcraft™ Heater Timer 7200 watt $165.00

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